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From April to June, prolonged turbulence all the way

1 jour 8 heures ago

Since March 22nd, the country has entered a prolonged phase of strikes, mobilizations and clashes with the government. The mainstay of this movement is the mobilization of railway workers. The four main SNCF unions (CGT, SUD, CFDT and UNSA) started a series of strike days since April 3rd (following a rhythm of two days on strike every five days).

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Léon Crémieux

The courage of the #GreatReturnMarch

2 jours 2 heures ago

The Fourth International salutes the desperate courage, resolve and creativity of the thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip taking part in the #GreatReturnMarch. We are in full solidarity with them. They have already made a great step forward for the Palestinian cause, by bringing 70 years of dispossession and ongoing Nakba back to the attention of a world that had proved all too willing to be distracted.

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FI Bureau

Reframing the riots

5 jours 5 heures ago

The recent riots targeting Muslims in Kandy have provoked accusations on many sides. While mainstream conversations focus on what the riots entail in terms of immediate political consequences for the current Government and its tepid response, progressives have also had to reckon with the growing presence of anti-Muslim rhetoric and violence as a feature of contemporary Sri Lankan life.

- IV519 - April 2018 /
Devaka Gunawardena

A feminism to end capitalism

1 semaine 1 jour ago

Although it has been seen as a secondary struggle through much of the history of the workers' movement, today feminism is taking the lead in the resistance against austerity capitalism. It is a vibrant movement characterized by radicalism, a capacity for self-organization, a mass audience and a broad potential to absorb other struggles.

- IV519 - April 2018 /
Laia Facet

International appeal from Catalonia

1 semaine 2 jours ago

The Spanish state's repression against Catalonia's democratic rights gets worse every day. There are at this moment 10 leading politicians and activists in prison, without having been condemned of any crime. They are accused of violent rebellion, although they have never used violence. By mid April the two leaders of the main Catalanist organisations, Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez, will have spent 6 months in prison.

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“Our Destinies are Linked”: Joseph Daher on the Syrian Revolution

1 semaine 2 jours ago

As the Syrian revolution entered its eighth year this march, Dan Fischer and S. Maja sent some questions to Joseph Daher. We discussed how the destiny of Syria's popular struggle against Bashar al-Assad's dictatorship is linked to anti-authoritarian and anti-fascist struggles globally, including in Rojava, Palestine, Europe, and North America.

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Joseph Daher

Elections in Russia, 2018: Managed Democracy?

1 semaine 4 jours ago

This article examines the bases of popular support for recently re-elected Russian president Vladimir Putin. Although this support is strenuously “cultivated” by the regime by various illicit means, it nevertheless has a genuine basis that needs to be understood by people on the left who are trying to develop an enlightened position in the escalating confrontation between the “West” and Russia.

- IV519 - April 2018 /
David Mandel

Making Gaza “Uninhabitable”: A Requiem

1 semaine 5 jours ago

Norman Finkelstein's lifetime of scholar-activism includes a long record of skewering highly acclaimed pundits and propagandists of the “pro-Israel” and media establishments. His first target was the fraudulent “demographic study” of Mandate Palestine by Joan Peters, purporting that the Arab population were newcomers attracted by Zionist economic development. Finkelstein's demonstration of this fakery was published in his Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

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David Finkel
1 heure 6 minutes ago
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