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Declaration of OKDE – Spartakos on the Macedonian issue

13 heures 45 minutes ago

1. The “Macedonian issue” is not a historic national issue, but rather a modern political one. The formation of the Macedonian nationality and national consciousness follows a parallel course with that of the other Balkan nations (Greek, Serbian, Albanian, Bulgarian), throughout the long term collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the ensuing armed conflicts among the newborn nations (Macedonian Struggle, Balkan Wars, First World War). From this point of view, two things follow. First, the term “Macedonian” used to define the nation, is just as old as the others in the region and is not an invention of the 90's with irredentist motives. Second, the creation of new states, whose borders were drawn in the blood of the peoples of the region, did not solve any “national question”, but on the contrary many ethnic minorities remained inside each state and were persecuted without mercy. For this reason alone, the historical demand for a Socialist Federation of the Balkans remains a compass for the peoples of the area living together.

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The war is far from being over in Syria

4 jours 15 heures ago

Gilbert Achcar met with Syrian Corner during Syria Awareness Week 2018. Achcar posits that the Syrian conflict is far from over and that for Bashar al-Assad to establish a new political framework, an accord between the US and Russia is necessary. Achcar says the role of Iran in a future Syria is one of the key issues at stake, and discusses the Turkish war against the PYD, the regional role of Saudi Arabia, the international peace conferences for Syria, the recent demonstrations in Iran, and the new US foreign policy for the Middle East in the interview below.

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Gilbert Achcar

Reactions to Lula's conviction

5 jours 14 heures ago

On January 24, the Regional Court of Brazil's Fourth Region confirmed the conviction of former President Lula for corruption, in a case concerning the alleged ownership of an apartment in Guarujá (São Paulo). Lula became ineligible from running for political office under a law promulgated by his own government. And he can now be arrested. There are several other lawsuits against Lula, which are still ongoing. There is no doubt that there was corruption in his government (as in all other Brazilian governments in recent decades). And there is no doubt that Lula was involved, and there must be some evidence against him.

- IV517 - February 2018 /
João Machado

The Tet Offensive, international solidarity and radicalism

6 jours 10 heures ago

In February 1968, the liberation forces in South Vietnam began the “Tet offensive”. It was conducted on a very large scale throughout South Vietnam, including Saigon. Its international reach was considerable, it galvanized anti-imperialist and national liberation movements and accelerated the youth radicalization in Japan, the USA and Europe. It represented a turning point in the war and in the take-off of resistance at the very heart of the US military.

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Pierre Rousset

Bolshevism, Balfour and Zionism: A tale of two centenaries

1 semaine ago

November 2017 marked the centenary of two of the most decisive events in the twentieth century: the Bolshevik-led revolution in Russia and the Balfour Declaration in Britain. The Russian Revolution was executed by the Bolsheviks in the name of peace and international socialism; the Balfour Declaration was a British government commitment to support a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. This was not simply a remarkable coincidence. At loggerheads were two mutually exclusive political objectives: the one to promote worldwide, anti-imperialist revolution; the other, to further British imperial interests in the Middle East.

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Roger Marwick

The Kurdish Crisis in Iraq and Syria

1 semaine 1 jour ago

The Kurdish struggle in Syria and Iraq has witnessed a number of recent changes, with clear contrasts in each country. The broad victory of the “yes” in the Iraqi autonomous Kurdistan region's independence referendum on September 25, 2017 was rooted in the long historical will of the Kurdish people to establish a state. It was also the consequence of a violent history of oppression inflicted upon the Iraqi-Kurdish population by various previous Iraqi nationalist authoritarian regimes.

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Joseph Daher

2018: Whither Hong Kong?

1 semaine 2 jours ago

Since the Umbrella Movement and the ascent of Xi Jinping to presidency, the Chinese government has pursued a heightened policy of repression toward Hong Kong in levels never before seen. The newest attack on the Hong Kong people's basic human rights and political freedom came earlier this year in January, when the city's election committee officially stripped social progressive party Demosisto's candidate Agnes Chow of her right to run in the 2018 Legislative Council (LegCo) election.

- IV517 - February 2018 / ,
Promise Li

Campaign for ecological development in Rojava

1 semaine 3 jours ago

At the last Fourth International youth camp, the question of concrete solidarity and support for our comrades in Syria was raised, a question which is often raised inside the Fourth International alongside our political evaluation and analysis. In Denmark, one of our long time comrades has been involved in direct solidarity work and, inspired by this I have written this article to explain this initiative.

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Jørgen Holst

The rightward drift of SYRIZA

1 semaine 4 jours ago

On January 15, 2018 the draft “omnibus bill”, whereby the Tsipras government ensures the “good” progress of the third assessment of the situation of the Greek economy by the creditors, was submitted to the Greek Parliament, and subsequently adopted by the SYRIZA-ANEL [Independent Greeks] majority in parliament. So, this government is moving towards the end of the program of the 3rd memorandum (signed on 14 August 2015), announced for August 2018.

- IV517 - February 2018 /
Antonis Davanellos

Thinking politics

1 semaine 6 jours ago

Eight years ago, on January 12, 2010, Daniel Bensaïd passed away. We republish here a not very well-known but thought-provoking interview, which he gave to the Argentinian review Praxis in May 2006. In the piece he develops the idea that neoliberal globalization makes it necessary for anti-capitalists to think again about "a common strategic space [which] presupposes a sort of sliding scale of strategic spaces involving actions at the local, national, and international levels”.

- IV517 - February 2018 /
Daniel Bensaïd

Interview with Yassin Al-Haj Saleh

2 semaines ago

Born in 1961 in Raqqa, the Syrian writer and dissident Yassin Al-Haj Saleh spent a considerable part of his life in the jails of the Assad regime. Once again pursued by the regime for his revolutionary activity, he went into exile in Turkey shortly before his wife Samira Khalil, a tireless communist and revolutionary militant, was abducted along with their friend Razan Zeitouneh, a human rights defender and co-worker, most likely by the Islamist group Jaish Al-Islam [Army of Islam]. Yassin, however, has continued to write, to take a firm stand, and to carry the voice of Syrian revolutionaries, who have not been forgotten by the rest of the world. Matilde Dugaucquier and Mauro Gasparini interviewed him in Istanbul in July 2017.

- IV517 - February 2018 /
Matilde Dugaucquier, Mauro Gasparini

Class war ın tıme of war

2 semaines 1 jour ago

“Now, on the basis of State of Emergency we instantly intervene in any place where there is threat of strike. We say no, we don't let any strike happen here.”

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (during the meeting organized by YASED, International Investors Association on 12 July 2017)

“So some will rise again and again to engage in a strike… Pardon me, but there will be no such thing…” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

(during the speech at the 24th General Assembly Meeting of MÜSİAD on 7 June 2017 )

“If you follow this call (call to protest Afrin operation) and make the mistake to go on the streets (to protest), you will pay the price very seriously. This is a national struggle. Whatever comes ahead of us in this national struggle, we will crash it and move on, you know that. No concessions, no minimal flexibility.” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (during his speech on 21 January announcing operation “Olive Branch”)

- IV517 - February 2018 / ,
Metin Feyyaz

Russian Presidential elections 2018: predicable results with unpredictable aftermath

2 semaines 2 jours ago

According to forecasts, the upcoming March 18 presidential elections in Russia will proceed without any surprises, as just the latest legitimization of another presidential term for Vladimir Putin. However, this foreseeable ‘victory,' gained via massive pressure on the electorate and the Kremlin's tight control over the political sphere will still point to a deep crisis within Putin's model of “managed democracy.” During Putin's current third term, his regime has become much more clearly based on personality, while the fact that its “democratic” elements are a mere façade has become evident beyond all reasonable doubt. Over the past few years, the rhetoric of Russia as a “besieged fortress,” and rallying around a “national leader” in the face of external enemies has meant that elections at almost every level have become plebiscites for confirming faith in the country and loyalty to the government.

- IV517 - February 2018 /
Ilya Budraitskis

On the death of Carl T Brecker, AIDC Chairperson 1996 – 2006

2 semaines 3 jours ago

It is with a profound sense of sadness that we at AIDC have heard the news of the passing of Carl Brecker, the first Chairperson of the Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC). We send our condolences to his family, especially his devoted daughters Tania and Dee, their children as well as his sister Valerie and her husband Ivan.

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Brian Ashley, MP Giyose
2 heures 13 minutes ago
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